Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)

NgNapps virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) solution offers mobile network operators the agility and flexibility necessary to keep up with traffic demand, to scale their networks and deliver differentiated services tailored to specific use cases such as: Consumer, IoT, private LTE, Wi-Fi, VoLTEand 5G services.

Our full solution of vEPC includes a Home Subscriber Server (vHSS), Mobility Management Entity (vMME), Serving Gateway (vSGW), Packet Data Network Gateway(vPGW) and Voice-over-LTE (vIMS for VoLTE). It is one of the industry’s most efficient mobile core solutions that can be deployed in fully virtualised environments or enterprise data centres.

Hosted vEPC in Public Cloud

Deliver innovative 4G and 5G services over a scalable cloud infrastructure, test new markets cost-effectively without the excessive capital investment with NgNapps vEPC solution, a cloud-based offering providing a scalable, flexible mobile network in Public cloud.

Single Anchor Point for all RAT types - GPRS,UMTS,LTE,and 5G-NSA.

Decomposed architecture allows operator deployment as a standalone function, or combined operation, scaled to the specific use case of the mobile operator.

Reduce Service Creation Time & Costs

NgNapps vEPCreduces service creation time/costs through automated service provisioning and configuration.vEPC can also lower CAPEX and OPEX by reducing reliance on specialized hardware, while speeding up service delivery.

virtual Evolved Packet Core Network
Fig:virtual Evolved Packet Core Network


Unleash the power of IOT and utilize all the capabilities through the virtually hosted LTE network which works as a catalyst for the enterprise and without a doubt be 5G ready”. NGNAPPS offering allows the enterprises to won the network capabilities and be market ready in the shortest span of time.

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