Choose Your Network Integrator

There are a wide variety of radio’s available to choose from depending on the coverage area and power output sought. For convenience its useful to think of private LTE radios in two categories: Residential/SoHO/Enterprise: - 3G Radio which supports Band 1/2/5 and supports HSPA with maximum data speed support of 5.7 Mbps. Maximum number of allowed users are 8/16. SME/Enterprise: - 4G Radio which supports Band 1/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/20/28 and supports maximum data speed support of 50 Mbps. Maximum number of allowed users are 16/132.

Why Private LTE?

This solution helps enterprises cut down the time to rollout a best roaming experience and have the control to build aggressive future roadmaps and rollouts. It overcomes the challenges of dealing with multiple vendors, technologies and ever evolving customer demands.

Private LTE uses the same technology as GSM 4G/LTE, but the service is provided in a closed network context. The network makes use of micro towers and small cells to replicate the public network.

As the network is a ‘closed’ network it is more secure against potential security issues and immune from outage issues associated with the public LTE networks.

A significant customer benefit is that we can create the private network environment to replicate roaming networks, in order to solve roaming incidents. This environment is a full-fledged roaming network, without having to involve any public mobile network operators, thus makes things quicker and easier to identify issues in their device certification process.

While this particular application is for an airline, the approach can be applied to any business with a need for private-LTE connections. This could include industrial and manufacturing companies, smart campus type applications, retail applications or warehousing and distribution.

How can you benefit?

Private-LTE is a dedicated LTE network that serves a specific enterprise business, government agency or educational outfit, who can own and operate the system. Private-LTE (and Private 5G) is regarded as a significant opportunity for the telecoms industry providing Cost-effective, Management flexibility and Increased Secured networks.

Enterprise business can use private-LTE services to help it manage device certification and trouble shooting. Using public LTE networks involved having to get potentially multiple parties involved in detecting and correcting faults during device testing. This involved a lot of extra time and resources for the customer. With the private-LTE service this is now all under the control of the Enterprise, so they only need to work with one partner.

Reduce Upfront Costs

Deploy a single network component or an entire LTE network from our extensive product portfolio. Alternatively start with a single product and incrementally add new products over time as your business plan dictates.

Speedy Implementations

PaaS helps in speedy implementations of LTE network elements and fast integration with existing Network, which reduces the teething issues of coordination and timing/availability from different parties. The usual expected time to launch a network with us now is as less as weeks.

Highly Available And Scalaable

PaaS which is built on virtualization technology, so resources are hosted on Highly-Available network setup with provision of Geo-redundancy and can easily be scaled up or down as your business changes.

Test New Devices And Modules

Private LTE and 5G NSA PaaS could be used to certify modules and help customers choose the appropriate modules from their manufacturers. Certifying them for aggressiveness, continuity, quality, and standard compliances.


Unleash the power of IOT and utilize all the capabilities through the virtually hosted LTE network which works as a catalyst for the enterprise and without a doubt be 5G ready”. NGNAPPS offering allows the enterprises to won the network capabilities and be market ready in the shortest span of time.

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