Consulting NGNApps

Unleash the power of IOT and utilize all the capabilities through the virtually hosted LTE network which works as a catalyst for the enterprise and without a doubt be 5G ready”. NGNAPPS offering allows the enterprises to won the network capabilities and be market ready in the shortest span of time.

Benefits of our Managed Solution as a service (MSaaS)

Multi Vendor enabled

Ngnapps offers products that are multi-vendor enabled and support easy integration with any 3gpp compliant platforms.

Reduces the upfront or the hardware cost

Deploy a single network component or an entire LTE Private network from our extensive product portfolio of Ngnapps. Alternatively start with a single product and incrementally add new products over time as your business plan dictates and helping operators to reduce upfront cost or the hardware cost.

Quickly and cost effectively replaces the end of life equipments

Ngnapps’ Platform as a Service helps in speedy implementations of LTE and 5G network elements and fast integration with existing Network, which reduces the teething issues of coordination and timing/availability from different parties and also helps in cost-effective replacement for the end of life equipment’s.

Provides personal testing capabilities eliminating dependencies

NgNapps Lab eliminates dependencies for IoT device manufacturers on cellular operators as they can do end to end testing in lab environment Lab could be used to certify modules and help customers choose the appropriate modules from their manufacturers. Certifying them for aggressiveness, continuity, quality and standard compliances.