About NGNapps

We help you Innovate through the process of Ideation-Prototype-Scaling. The company foundation is based on the value of ensuring the best quality in whatever we do. Together we hold 30+ years combined experience of the leadership team in the Industry developing, deploying and supporting Applications and Infrastructure for leading tier1/2/3 carriers. We do provide

Low MTTR Percentage (Mean Time To Resolve Production Issues)

Private LTE lab provides tools to recreate Roaming experiences and identify the root cause quickly.

For equipment testing purposes, roaming scenarios can be dificult to test and troubleshoot. The new private-LTE set-up provides seamless transition from home to roaming environment, with the same level of services, without any need for additional interaction with other public mobile network operators.

Better Visibility and Control

Among the significant connectivity improvements, the Enterprise now has better visibility and control over device testing, certification and trouble-shooting.

Reduced Time to Market

Private-LTE enables Enterprises to timely deliver new features, technologies and upgrades by removing the VPMN dependencies and prove controlled environment.


Unleash the power of IOT and utilize all the capabilities through the virtually hosted LTE network which works as a catalyst for the enterprise and without a doubt be 5G ready”. NGNAPPS offering allows the enterprises to won the network capabilities and be market ready in the shortest span of time.

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